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The parents/guardians of the students can contact the department managers to be informed about the issues concerning students, such as all their absences, etc. For the school year 2021-2022, department managers are presented in the table below.

Department Responsible teacher
A1 Pirpiris Georgios – Mouzaki Niki
A2 Tsoulos Georgios
a3 Kolliopoulos Panagiotis
a4 Messala Evdokia
B Electrical Engineering Tsiavdaroudis Vasilios
Β Mechanical Engineering 1 Schina Vasiliki – Katsaberi Polyxeni
Β Mechanical Engineering 2 Lambropoulou Dionysia
B Hairdressing Athanasiou Maria – Evangelia Hut
B Shipping Giannakopoulos Elias
B Informatics Papadimitriou Maria
C Vehicle 1 Mavropoulos Dimitrios – Koutroubanou Vasiliki
C Vehicles 2 Panoutsopoulos Angelos
C Mechanical Engineers Lountzis Gerasimos
C Shipping Lountzis Gerasimos
C Informatics Manesioti Pentzehri
C Electrical Engineering Tsiavdaroudis Vasilios
C Hairdressing Andreopoulou Ourania